hello! my name is chloe. i'm 24 years old. i'm an aspiring tattoo apprentice and avid collector of toys and anime collectables.

interests include:

☆cute shit
☆my wife, hasegawa kobato
☆breakfast food/coffee
☆anime/cosplaying/figure collecting/lolita fashion/etc.
☆idols n shit (im@s, bandori, sb69)
☆stuffed animals
☆drawing/coloring/writing/art in general
☆music, primarily metal (black, death, tech-death, drone, etc.)
☆video games
☆ballet/figure skating
☆my pets (i have one bearded dragon named pancake + two kittens named saya and noodle)
☆drawing/coloring/writing/various art shit


personal links
my main twitter, @nerevaarine, was unjustly suspended; i've changed the link to the account i'll be using while i attempt to appeal it!

art accounts

pixel art by pastrypuffs @ deviantart

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